Friday, April 22, 2011

WordStorm MONDAY, April 25th, 2011
Acme Food Co. Lower Lounge, 14 Commercial Street, Nanaimo, BC, 7:00 pm

Featured Performers

Anny Scoones

Anny on the beach with her 17 year old lab, Alice Mary.

Anny Scoones - Featured Reader

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Anny Scoones grew up in the Maritimes with her war-artist (WWII) parents and her old horse Missy who she would ride while her parents painted the New Brunswick countryside. Anny spent many summers with her Gran on Galiano Island where she grew to love the west coast and eventually settled in North Saanich on historic Glamorgan Farm, one of the oldest farms on the Island and still retains eleven original log barns and structures.

Anny is a three time municipal councillor who fights for the preservation of agriculture and hertage, "green" architecture, bicycle lanes and an anti-pesticide by-law.

Glamorgan Farm is home to many heirloom gardens and heritage breeds of livestock, including the Gloucester Old Spot Pig and the Naked Neck Hen and the Russian Woolly Horse. Glamorgan Farm also is home to the Healthy Harvest Co-op, a group of (adult) disabled gardeners. The themes of Anny's three books are home, our relationships with each other and nature, and the joys and heart breaks of rural life.

In May Anny will be taking her famous artist mother, Molly Bobak (age ninety-one) around Nova Scotia for a road trip. Books by Anny Scoones

The Lightning Readers for tonight will be

Don Howlett

David Fraser

Ann Graham Walker

Violet Walter

Linda Thompson

David Merrifield

Roneen Marcoux

Cindy Shantz

David Gooden

Vicky Drybrough

Kirsty Elliot

Winona Baker

Sharon Berthchild

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