Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kim Clark + Madeline Sonik = Edgy Book Launch X 2

Kim Clark + Madeline Sonik = Edgy Book Launch X 2
Nanaimo Muse-eum, Tuesday, November 22nd, 2:30pm

Meet the authors, listen, chat, and stick around for
coffee & ogasmic cupcakes from Cutie Cakes!

In Afflictions & Departures, Sonik exercises both intellectual depth and emotional range. Not traditional memoir, these essays are as incisive as they are deeply moving and leave the reader with a sense of history as it was lived, not as it is codified in countless textbooks.

The stories in Clark’s Attemptations are peopled by women, often physically challenged women—darkly humourous, feisty, manic, persevering, observant, contemplative women. These characters will snag you and hold you there ‘til they’re good and done.

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