Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Ascent Aspirations Magazine - September 2009 Issue

Ascent Aspirations Magazine September Issue
As you know we have successfully gone monthly on-line. we are hoping the change will give you smaller chunks of exciting writing throughout the month and each month you will be ready for the next issue.

This month

Poetry by:
Cassandra Dallett, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Linda Woolven, Kevin Gauthier, Sally Miller, Don Shaeffer, Gaia Standing, and Peggy Landsman

Short Fiction by:
Aaron Carnes, Phoebe Wilcox, and Katrina Dobson.

Essays by:
Michael Levy and Gary Lehmann

Two Reviews by:
Rola Phoenicia

Visual Art Exhibits by:
Charles Frederickson, Patricia Carroll, and Nabeela Hasan

Ascent Aspirations Magazine Print Anthology Contest
Contest closes October 15th, 2009.
Extension due to production schedule, staff vacations, and general email list house-keeping.

Editor's Blog

Print Issue Back Copies
Some back copies of Print Issues are still available check the links for Anthologies 1-7.
Order two for a special price and we include the shipping. See bookstore link.

Random Acts of Poetry coming this October across Canada

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