Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writers in Transition




Sunday, April 18, 2010

1-4 p.m.

The Walter Petryschuk Turret Room

The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

127 Christina Street South

SARNIA, Ontario

Free Admission

In celebration of National Poetry month, poets James Deahl, Jeff Seffinga, Peggy Fletcher, Debbie Okun Hill, Norma West Linder and Lynn Tait will reflect on their summer 2009 pilgrimage to Al Purdy’s grave and his A-frame home on Roblin Lake, Ameliasburgh Ontario. Their reading and insight will be part of the Sarnia launch of And Left a Place to Stand On. This 224-page book published by Hidden Brook Press is a national tribute to Al Purdy and features the works of 54 Canadian poets. It was edited by Allan Briesmaster, John B. Lee, Linda Rogers, and R. D. Roy. One hundred percent of the book's profits will go to The Al Purdy A-frame Trust to help save Purdy's home for a writers' retreat. Many other books will be launched including the work of Carmen Ziolkowski. An open mic will follow. Light refreshments. More information: and


libramoon said...

dream of love for poetry month

She is there, in my room, waiting. Silent as I close the door, turn out the light, turn out the world.
I feel her presence behind, reaching to touch my clavicle, soothe vagal impulse to turn. I feel her hand, supple, strong, heating through in contact, healing in that sacred touch fortified with love.
We kiss, we melt, we swirl like cotton candy, sweet, sticky, surreal. We touch into solidity to feel, each exquisite synapse response a remembrance of permeability. We taste. There are no words.

I know I said (I prayed):

To be adored beyond embarrassment
To be she who can do no wrong, because beloved
To be gifted accurate reflective critique
as superlative reviews, with just a tweak suggested

To fall securely into open arms and heart
expecting only me
Each blessed day to start
gazing into shining eyes that see so deeply,
so wisely, my precious wondrous being
I have never had from lovers,
brothers, Mom or Dad
what I have taught myself severely
I can never have
Too bad. So sad. Can't let fantasy
keep me from my daily dance with debt.
Dreaming freely receivng
never to be met.

We meet secretly, in places that can't be mapped or tethered. She embraces me in bursts of rapid movement, seductively slowed from motion to subtle traces of desire.
I am emotively charged ecstasy, pulsing electrically beyond space/time. She is imaginal fluid gently shaping eternity. We are ouroboros, ancient fantasy, modern physics.
This is the charm I need to cast the spell, to open the fortress, to open my eyes adoring sensation. I become energy as she feeds me the ambrosia of her essence. I become beloved.

Floating World said...

I like this. "Just For The Moment" loves this.