Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ascent Aspirations Magazine - January Issue

Ascent Aspirations Magazine January Newsletter
January Ascent Aspirations On-line is up at
As we have gone monthly, we will not be sending a monthly newsletter, since due to restrictions from our service provider, we sometimes cannot get all our newsletter bundles out in a timely fashion, so we invite you as a matter of course each month to visit the site to read each issue, with or without a newsletter reminder or be connected as a fan of Ascent Aspirations
Magazine on Facebook or linked through Twitter.
Submissions for Future On-line Issues
We are trying to read submissions as they come in so as not to be backlogged
as many magazines are. As we read, we will make our decisions and will notify you as to which issue your work will appear.
Ascent Aspirations Anthology Contest Fall2009/Winter2010
The first rounds of judging have been completed and all the contributors have been chosen. The final round of blind judging has just been completed
and the prize winners are announced. To view the contributors’ list and prize winners go to and scroll down at:
Main Page

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