Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Acts of Poetry: Day 5

The Stanford Auto Boys out of Parksville in the past fixed my rusted-out '87 Tercel 4x4 wagon, nursed it along for six years before the chassis buckled on the hoist. We shared a laugh and a few memories of rusted cables, a duct-taped sun-roof, and a leaky windscreen.

They loved the poem, "Goodbye to the '87", shed a tear and did a lot of laughing, all before their work day began. Scotty, the owner said, "You should send that poem into Toyota as a testimonial." Henk said, "David, you're like a leaf on the ground. You never know what lurks beneath a leaf." I took that as a compliment.

This is the Career Centre ESL Class in Parksville. The students listened to a few poems and then they were introduced to the North American Sentence and they all took a big risk by writing and sharing one. We all left as poets. The experience reminded me of just how much I like teaching.

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