Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Acts of Poetry: Day 1

One golf pro, two pro shop staff and a starter listen to me read a poem and receive a free book of poetry. Afterwards they all said, "I didn't know you wrote poetry, David" and the starter went out to the practice putting green and started reading poetry to all the players.

The staff at Nanoose Edibles, an organic farm, take time from their busy work to listen to two poems and receive free books.

One listener while leaning outside Quality Foods in the Red Gap Plaza said, "I should always take time each day to slow down and listen to poetry for a few moments. We all don't do this kind of thing in our everyday lives."

Garage under construction? Take a break and listen to some poems.

Who ever thought that while she was taking her dog for a walk that she would have someone on the trail read a poem and give her a book. Why? Because it is National Random Acts of Poetry Week!


Judith M. said...

This a a very cool act, David!

Floating World said...

Thanks Judith for the encouragement.